Billy P. Jones,

Author & Founder--EF Books & Podcast


Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I enjoy writing short story fiction, poetry, and filmmaking. When I am not in creative mode, I enjoy meeting people and learning about their incredible experiences. 

I am also the creator of Everyday Folks Radio, a weekly live-podcast network. Currently, EF Radio features three shows: BJ Speaks, Journey into Passion, and Fright Talk. From weekly interviews with authors or everyday, extraordinary people, to exploring your passion, to examining the latest in horror and suspense... EF Radio provides variety programming. I host BJ Speaks: A Conversation... and co-host Fright Talk. 


In addition to the 2020 release of Everyday Folks: Volume 2,  I am working on a horror short film. I'm also completing the manuscript for a new short story collection of horror tales. Subscribe to this site today for the latest updates. 

Be inspired everyday to do the things that you enjoy. Thank you for visiting. 

Meet the
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Anika Madison

Author & EF Host of Journey into Passion 

I am Anika S. Madison, author of Step by Step Caregivers Guide For Medical Appointments and Hospital Visits.I am also a member of the South Florida Writers Association. 

Journey into Passion is my podcast series on Everyday Folks Radio. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and interviewing people who have a unique passion for career, family, faith, and life (in general). 

Subscribe to my site and be inspired. 

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Nadim Tabsch

Author & EF Host of Fright Talk

I am Nadim Tabsch, author of Pushing Down Daisiesa poetry chapbook. I'm also an artist who specializes in contemporary pop art.

I co-host the Fright Talk series on Everyday Folks Radio. The series covers all things horrifying and suspenseful. Have a scary topic you'd like us to cover? Contact us today!  

Check out my site to view my latest artwork.