BJ Interviews Dr. Steve Liebowitz, Author of Devorah

Dr. Steve lives in Miami with his wife and two dogs. His professional career began in 1966 with the completion of training as an English teacher with the Peace Corps in Ethiopia. He then served three years in the U.S. Army with tours at a top secret military installation outside Washington, D.C., Viet Nam and Wiesbaden, Germany. Dr. Liebowitz earned a Doctorate in Human Resource Development (Florida International University, 1991) and Masters Degrees in Health Care Management (Florida International University, 1977), and Public Administrations (Florida Atlantic University, 1974). Throughout his 27 year career as a human resource developer with Miami-Dade County Government, Dr. Liebowitz kept

BJ Interviews Don Daniels, Author of Rhyme and Punishment

Award winning poet, author and playwright Don Daniels is five-time past President of the South Florida Writers Association and the South Florida Chapter of the National Writers Association. He leads their longest running fiction critique group, and is an experienced contest judge, organizer and coordinator of several national writing contests. Don has lived in South Florida for the past 40 years after living in Cuba, France, Switzerland, Spain and England. Rhyme and Punishment is a witty collection of poetry based on strange news stories from around the world. He is currently working on a historical novel.

BJ Interviews Zorina Exie J. Frey, Author of Thecla

After losing her parents and surviving The Reckoning, a catastrophic earthquake that nearly destroyed all of North America, young Thecla survived on her own against all odds in the remains of the destruction, known as The Wastelands. Seven years later, now a fiercely, self-trained warrior and hunter-gatherer, Thecla is suddenly introduced into a new order of civilization known as Carpathia, a pious community where the prominent Bishop Kato governs. As her morals are challenged and innocence slowly falls by the wayside, Thecla quickly discovers that her survival skills and instincts that kept her alive in the brutal, wild and untamed Wastelands is no match for her new life in Carpathia. Z. Ex

BJ Interviews Cara Nusinov, Author of Unrequited Loves and Other French Kisses

As a Poetry Therapy Practitioner with the International Academy For Poetry Therapy, (iAPOETRY,) and as a collage artist, poet, teacher, leisure photographer, and Laughter Yoga Leader, Cara Nusinov combines her skills to joyfully facilitate self-discovery and expressive thoughts and words, to connect and heal, empower and additionally, laugh. Co-Director/founder of the Poetry Buffet Party, for individuals and groups and founder of “The Writer Within Me Salons,” where She prompts hundreds of new and seasoned writers to write all about it, she peddles poetry and literature, as participants share stories and poems, or keep self-discoveries to themselves. She is happy to work with you. She conce

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