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BJ Speaks: A Conversation with Nadim Tabsch

Join Billy "BJ" Jones for another segment of BJ Speaks: A Conversation with Nadim Tabsch, on Sunday, 1/28/18, from 3-4 p.m. EST. Nadim is the author of Push

ing Down Daisies: Poems and Illustrations, a poetry collection. He is also an artist and educator. For nearly 20 years he has channeled his energy into his creative talents... from canvas to print. In his latest work he captures the whimsical and unforgettable moments of childhood and grade school. Join us for an exciting segment! If you would like to speak to BJ or Marquis during the live podcast, please call 347-539-5327 (press 1 if you wish to speak live), or you may email your questions, comments or requests to

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