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Everyday Folks Book Series!

Everyday Folks Books And Podcast | Everyday Folks Radio

Set in a 21st century South Florida, Everyday Folks: A Short Story Collection, is a journey into the lives of everyday people.

The eighteen-story collection provides an earnest and (at times) humorous outlook about life.
In "Beware of the Gremlin", an employee deals with the maniacal tendencies of a supervisor. In "Waiting for an Appointment", a young man's visit to the doctor proves to be anything other than regular. In "Miccosukee", a mother and daughter's encounter with a celebrity makes for a laughable bonding experience. In "Near the Shore's Edge", a middle-aged man chooses to make the ultimate decision that may change his life.

For nearly 20 years, Everyday Folks has delivered fictional, short stories about everyday people who experience life's challenges, opportunities, or complexities... in ways only the common people will understand.

EF: Volume 1 contains stories that warm the heart or challenge the nerves. They chronicle the realities and complexities that many of us face on a day-to-day basis. Set in Miami, Florida, EF: Volume 1 gives the rest of the world a chance to see beneath the fleshy surface of people who build their lives around love, pain, and the inevitable.

Everyday Folks Books And Podcast | Everyday Folks Radio
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