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Event: 7/16/24

Billy "BJ" Jones interviews Catherine "Cathy" Shields, author of The Shape Of Normal, A Memoir Of Motherhood, Disability And Embracing A Different Kind Of Perfect. Reflect on Shield's message for new discoveries about motherhood and living. 

Luz Agudelo 3.jpeg

Event: 7/4/23

Billy "BJ" Jones chats with Luz Agudelo, author of Out Loud: June’s Venture. Agudelo provides insights about her book and other projects.

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Event: 6/14/24

Billy "BJ" Jones chats with Anita Mitchell, author of God Took My Arms but He Gave Me This Gift: The Story of Abbas Karimi, PLY. Michell chats about the inspiration behind her work and life interest in writing and swimming.

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Event: 5/23/23

Billy "BJ" Jones chats with author Sheryl Bass.  Bass discusses Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze and her writing experience.

Everyday Folks Books And Podcast | Everyday Folks Radio

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