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BJ Interviews Cara Nusinov, Author of Unrequited Loves and Other French Kisses

As a Poetry Therapy Practitioner with the International Academy For Poetry Therapy, (iAPOETRY,) and as a collage artist, poet, teacher, leisure photographer, and Laughter Yoga Leader, Cara Nusinov combines her skills to joyfully facilitate self-discovery and expressive thoughts and words, to connect and heal, empower and additionally, laugh. Co-Director/founder of the Poetry Buffet Party, for individuals and groups and founder of “The Writer Within Me Salons,” where She prompts hundreds of new and seasoned writers to write all about it, she peddles poetry and literature, as participants share stories and poems, or keep self-discoveries to themselves. She is happy to work with you.

She conceived the idea of the Polka Dot Poetry Peacock, a traveling sculpture/anthology/art-for-public-place work, the first of it's kind. Overcoming personal challenges, through creative written resolutions, she authored Unrequited Loves and Other French Kisses, now being translated en Español, and she helps finds ways for workshop participants to write away the blues, through therapeutic writing, or writing for fun, or with art and journaling, by hopefully choosing positivity, with her support and encouragement.

She's the mother of two, grandmother of two.

Do contact her on Facebook and she will be happy to “talk” to you. Or text. Online workshops are available for those unable to meet in person and for those desiring online access.

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