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Journey into Passion: A Conversation with Eston Swaby

Saturday, December 2nd at 3pm EST, Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on Everyday Folks Radio returns with a brand new show! Join the new conversation with Success Coach, Motivational Speaker & Author, Eston Swaby! We will be discussing how to handle the process of transforming your life in order to become empowered in 2018. Eston Swaby discovered that his life's purpose is to help individuals grow into the best version of themselves. He does this through training programs, motivational speaking and coaching. Through his book entitled ?An Empowered Life?, Eston draws from personal experiences and life lessons as he seeks to motivate and empower individuals to rise above their past experiences, failures, rejections, fears, setbacks and challenges to believe that they can live a life of victory. If you have any questions, comments prior to the show, please send them to If you have a question or comment during the live broadcast, please call 347-539-5372, or send an email to

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