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Journey into Passion: A Conversation with Stephen Anderson

It is time for that decisive moment! On January 27th at 3pm EST, tune in for the launch of the 2018 series on Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on Everyday Folks Radio. Your Busy-Fit Coach, Stephen Anderson, will help us all reach our Turning Point this year.

If you ready to finally see that goal accomplished and/or that passion come to fruition, then this is the show for you! We have already gotten back on track and gone to the next level. Now it is time to make it happen and then keep moving forward!

For more information on Stephen’s Busy-Fit Healthy Habits Coaching program, go to If you have a question or comment prior to the show or during the live broadcast, please send an email to During the show you can call 347-539-5372, then press the number 1 on your keypad when you are ready to join in on the conversation.

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