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BJ Speaks: A Conversation with Clementina Marie Giovannetti, Author

Join host Billy "BJ" Jones on BJ Speaks: A Conversation with author Clementina Marie Giovannetti on Sunday, 2/28/18, from 3-4 p.m. EST.

Jesus And A Roman Centurion: A Past Life Memoir is a "profound past life regression that captures the very essence of Jesus" (Giovnannetti).

The book is based on a past-life regression that captures the life-altering moment when a Roman Centurion locates the two-year-old Christ child and ultimately chooses to betray everything he had ever believed in or known.

"Imagine, for a moment, the alarm clock going off, then forcing yourself out of bed, and into the bathroom to accomplish what every modern woman is expected to do before walking out the front door.

But what if one morning, when you looked into the bathroom mirror, someone other than yourself looks back? What if the person in the mirror doesn’t resemble you at all, a petite Italian woman in her mid-forties? Instead you see a man, towering above 6’4 and resembling a Roman gladiator. That’s exactly what occurred one morning when Clementina stood in front of her bathroom mirror.

Clementina’s initial reaction, of course, was to throw cold water into her eyes, but the reflection in the mirror only grew stronger and his piercing and desperate eyes told her, we need to talk..."

Don't miss the show! If you with to speak to BJ or Clementina during the live podcast, please call 347-539-5372 (Press 1), or you may email your questions, comments or requests to

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