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BJ Speaks at the 8th Annual Mango Writers Conference

Thank you, South Florida Writers Association for hosting the 8th annual Mango Writers Conference on Saturday, 2/24/18. Thank you for inviting me as this year's keynote speaker.

My presentation was titled, "Writing and Publishing in an Age of Digital Rhetoric". My goal was to inspire writers to think outside of the box about writing and publishing in today. From unique facts about the industry to forward-thinking apps and other online sources, the speech provided tools writers can readily implement.

The Mango Writers Conference convenes South Florida writers for a one-day learning experience. From concurrent workshop sessions to author showcases of works, the conference inspires all to think critically and creatively about their writing craftsmanship.

It's moments like these that make very happy to be a writer... being in a community of other writers makes all the difference. Whether you are a new or experienced writer, find a home in a local writers' group or organization. If you can't find one locally, make on of your own, using services such as As always, I'm here to support your continued success!

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