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Journey into Passion: What's Your Legacy

What is your legacy? On Saturday, March 10th at 3pm EST, we will begin a new discussion on legacy. During this Turning Point Series, the question of legacy is one of the most important questions you should be asking yourself as you make that ultimate decision how to pursue your passions. As I watched the Oscars and the Olympics, I saw people at the top of their professions earning their spots in history. Their hard work and dedication to their crafts awarded them the chance to be among the very best in their industries. A great part of their legacies is not just the medals, statues and recognitions they were given, but the hard work they and excellence they displayed on the world stage. The question now is, what is the legacy you want to leave? Let's discuss this and more this coming Saturday. For more information on the show and my work, please visit my website at If you have a question or comment prior to the show or during the live broadcast, please send an email to During the show you can call 347-539-5372, then press the number 1 on your keypad when you are ready to join in on the conversation.

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